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  • Moisture Wicking
  • Tall
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  • Vests
  • Camouflage
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  • Safety- Hi Vis
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    The Embroidery Process

    Today's Custom Embroidery requires computer savvy and alot of creativity to make graphic logos come to life.

    Here at OMD we use the latest Design Shop software. Through the digitizing process we turn your graphic logo into stitches. Click here for details on this process.

    We own Tajima Embroidery Machines, best suited for large volume production. They are heavy duty and dependable. Each machine runs 6 articles of clothing or hats at one time. The machine is programmed by inserting a floppy disk that holds your stitched logo on it, into the machine. It is uploaded to the machine and from there the machine operator selects your thread colors based on the scheme the digitizer has used. We call this process, "setting up the machines." Every customer has their own file with their disk in it, a color print out of their logo and thread colors used. This way, when you order again, the process is simple, easy and without error. We also keep a backup file of your digitized logo in our safe so it is never lost, stolen or damaged.

    Once this is done, the shirts & hats are put through the 'hooping process" and each item must be hooped individually and in a particular way according to design size and garment. Some require extra backing if the design is big and the shirt isn't strong enough to hold a heavy design....others require solvy which is a thin piece of plastic-like material that is hooped with the garment to hold the nap down as is with the case of towels or fleece. This way, the thread is not pounded into the material or lost in the nap, but stays on top of the garment for clean and sharp looking embroidery. Sometimes with totes or hats, we use a backing called Tear-away which can be pulled off after embroidering so there is no sign of that on the backside. We can't use that with most knits because it doesn't hold the logo well enough and the knit will tend to pucker over time.

    They are then snapped onto the machine, being very careful not to fold any piece of the garment under the hoop and that material is clear of the bobbin below. It is also important that the hoop size isn't too small or the needle will hit the hoop and cause the entire registration of the unit to get jammed...which sometimes requires a tech to fix. Here at OMD we do our own tech work.

    Once the shirts are hooped, snapped into the machine - the machine is programmed and the logo is embroidered. It is amazing what computers can do. Many who haven't seen the process are intrigued and will watch it for hours. Every single thing that needle does, from needle up, needle down, sewing certain length of stitches, thickness of stitches and trims are ALL programmed by the digitizer. There are times when after running a sample that small edits must be done but it's unusual. Each run following the first is simply the process of hooping since the machine is already programmed and the design & thread colors are already selected. THIS is why we offer quantity discounts on 12 or more. After we hoop, we just hit the button and do your next run of shirts. Cost is also determined by time on the machines. If you have a large jacket back design, that is going to run much longer than a simple left chest. Time is money so costs do vary and this is why prices fluctuate when designs are intense.

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